How to accept Bitcoins with BitPay

Posted on November 25, 2013

Ecommerce is recently asking how to accept bitcoins. I’ve chosen BitPay. As BitPay say on their website, it is “ridiculously easy for developers”.
It is easy indeed. Although if you’re not a developer, and at the same time you want fully customised basket, then you might want to find someone who can help you out. First you can check out this BitPay Gurus list. Otherwise Google should be able to answer most of these straightforward questions like it did for me.
Essentially there is few ways to get BitPay gateway installed on your website. It is very well explained in their eCommerce section.
I decided to integrate existing PHP Bitcoin Library with my calendar, then added some more PHP, wrote couple lines in jQuery and that was it.
As a result, everydaystream now has very easy to use BitPay gateway so you can buy a day with bitcoins! Isn’t that cool?

Perhaps you run some eCommerce and also want to accept bitcoins. So shout if you have any questions.